Advanced Digital Training System

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    For educational teaching, training, and learning of combinational logic, sequential logic, microprocessor circuits, FPGA, etc...

    Key Features


    1. Suitable for combinational logic, sequential logic, microprocessor circuits, FPGA, etc.
    2. User-friendly comprehensive power supply, function generator / counter and testing devices.
    3. Universal breadboard(1440 tie-points) for circuit design, faya-Nugget breakout boards NGT-series and prototyping.
    4. Tie points fitting solid leads AWG#22~30 (0.3~0.8mm).
    5. USB Interface for optional fayaduino Nano board, FPGA, MCU.
    6. Peripheral hardware: 
        LED(3 mode), Potentiometer, Pulser switch, Rotary encoder, Data switches, Speaker, Power supply, Digital displays,
        Universal counter, Function generator, Logic probe.
    7. All signal generators have TTL and CMOS level, controlled by CMOS / TTL switch.
    8. Options: FPGA board (with USB Blaster), MCU board, faya-Nugget Combo Pack.

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