Advanced Sensor Experimental System

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    Teaching sensors: gas, smoke, ethanol, load cell, infrared, magnetic, ultrasonic, pyroelectric, inclination, v/f, f/v, etc..with corresponding loads

    Key Features

        The KL-600 Advanced Sensor Experimental System is a comprehensive sensor / transducer control training system that incorporates industrial-grade components with various control circuits and load units. Its modular and closed-loop control circuits allow implementation of open-ended, individual control loops used in industrial applications.
        KL-600 provides quantitative experiments, also with different sensors and transducers, but it’s possible to measure more precisely the relationship between analog signals and voltage. The analog signals (like temperature or pressure) can be set and represented by a value.
        The KL-600 uses only industrial-standard sensors / transducers (0~10V, 4~20mA) with USB interface.



    1. Industrial-standard sensors and transducers
    2. With USB interface
    3. Open-ended design, ideal for expansion
    4. Offer a sensing data acquisition software



    List of Experiments:

      1. D/A and A/D Converters

      2. Characteristics of Sensors
         (1) Photo transistor
         (2) Photo interruptor
         (3) Magnetic sensor
         (4) Pyroelectric detector
         (5) Thermistor
         (6) Reed switch
         (7) Inclination sensor
         (8) Limit switch
         (9) Mercury switch
       (10) Vibration switch
       (11) Condenser microphone
       (12) Dynamic microphone

      3. General-Purpose Transducers
         (1) Gas / smoke detector
         (2) Ethanol detector
         (3) Digital magnetic detector
         (4) Analog magnetic detector

      4. AD590 Temperature Transducer
         (1) Characteristics and transduction circuit of AD590
         (2) The application of AD590 - Temperature controller
         (3) The application of AD590 - Digital thermometer

      5. Thermocouple
         (1) Thermocouple characteristics
         (2) Transduction circuit of thermocouple
         (3) The application of thermocouple - Digital thermometer

      6. PT100 Temperature Transducer
         (1) R vs. T characteristic of PT100
         (2) Transduction circuit of PT100
         (3) The application of PT100 - Fire alarm
         (4) The application of PT100 - Digital thermometer

      7. Humidity Transducer
         (1) Impedance characteristic of humidity sensor
         (2) Transduction circuit of humidity sensor
         (3) The application of humidity sensor - Digital hygrometer

      8. Load-Cell
         (1) Characteristics and transduction circuit of Load-Cell
         (2) The application of Load-Cell - Overweight alarm
         (3) The application of Load-Cell - Digital scale

      9. Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)
         (1) Characteristics of LVDT
         (2) The application of LVDT - Digital position indicator

    10. Photovoltaic Cell
         (1) Photovoltaic characteristics
         (2) Photovoltaic transducer circuit
         (3) The application of photovoltaic - Auto-Streetlamp controller
         (4) The application of photovoltaic - Digital illuminometer

    11. Linear Scale
         (1) Linear scale characteristics and transducer circuit
         (2) Distance measurement of linear scale

    12. Infrared Transducer
         (1) Infrared transducer DC characteristic test
         (2) Infrared transducer AC characteristic test
         (3) The application of infrared transducer - Event counter
         (4) The application of infrared transducer - Remote controller

    13. Ultrasonic Transducer
         (1) Ultrasonic transducer characteristic test
         (2) The application of ultrasonic transducer - Space disturbance detector

    14. Pressure Transducer
         (1) Transduction circuit of pressure sensor
         (2) The application of pressure transducer

    15. V/F and F/V Converters
         (1) VFC converter
         (2) FVC converter
         (3) The application of V/F converter - FSK modulation
         (4) The application of F/V converter - Encoder


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