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    Technology Learning should be Simple and Fun

    Key Features

    Arduino X faya-nugget X IDE

    Arduino is an open source microcontroller that allows interaction with all different forms of electronics with simple codes and connections.  Combining Arduino with faya-nugget allows users to implement bigger circuits easily and efficiently.

    What is faya-nugget?

    Why K&H develop faya-nugget as a modular system so every electronic module (nugget) works with every other nugget in millions of combinations - you will never run out of projects to create.  It combines two of today's hottest DIY technologies, Brick and ARDUINO for users to prototype their big idea in no time. 

    Brick is a very popular kind of toy allowing players ranging from 2+ to build various structures by joining building blocks together.  Combining Brick system with faya-nugget allows users to embed different kinds of electronic circuit into desired structure without any difficulty.

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