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    For educational teaching, and training of thyristor devices, DIAC, TRIAC, JFET, MOSFET, IGBT, its trigger and application circuits.

    Key Features

          The KL-500 Industrial Electronic Trainer is a self-contained training equipment allowing students to learn more than 70 experiments through a power supply unit and 16 replaceable modules. 
           Various types of industrial electronic devices, such as UJT, PUT, SCR, SCS, DIAC, TRIAC, JFET, MOSFET, IGBT are introduced in this system.  For each device, students are able to learn its characteristic, trigger circuit. Moreover, application circuits provide students a comprehensive understanding of related knowledge in this technology field. 




    1. Comprehensive study includes the theoretical study and practical exercises
    2. Use of industrial-type components, devices and circuits



    List of Experiments:

      1. Power Supply Unit Experiments

      2. UJT Experiments (KL-53001)

      3. PUT Experiments (KL-53002)

      4. PUT & SCR Experiments (KL-53003)

      5. SCS Experiments (KL-53004)

      6. UJT & PUT Trigger SCR Experiments (KL-53005)

      7. SCR Control DC Motor & DIAC, TRIAC (KL-53006)

      8. Automatic Control Lamp, TRIAC Control Speed Experiments (KL-53007)

      9. Temperature Ratio, Photo-Couple and Touch Control Experiments (KL-53008)

    10. Over /Under Voltage Breaker and Flasher Control Experiments (KL-53009)

    11. TRIAC Liquid Level & IC Timer Switch Experiments (KL-53010)

    12. Digital Signal Driver & Zero-Voltage Switch Experiments (KL-53011)

    13. Zero-Voltage Switch Experiments (KL-53012)

    14. SCR Converter Experiments (KL-53013)

    15. SCR Rectifier Circuit Experiments (KL-53014)

    16. JFET/MOSFET Characteristic & MOSFET Speed Control Experiments (KL-53015)

    17. IGBT Characteristic & IGBT Speed Control Experiments (KL-53016)




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